Carl Orff. O Fortuna through the ages.

Carl Orff is a composer I had never heard of until about 2003. But Orff is now a composer I am unlikely to forget. On a shopping trip with my brother one Saturday morning, we ventured to the local shopping centre. Both of us are interested in pop culture, ie music and film, so our … Continue reading Carl Orff. O Fortuna through the ages.


“Immigrant Song” is perfect for the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer

So, Marvel recently unveiled the trailer for the next Thor movie. I've got to say it's looking pretty cool so far. The use of Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song is definitely a nice little reference to the comic characters roots in Norse Mythology. The song itself has references to Valhalla alongside singer Robert Plant howling, … Continue reading “Immigrant Song” is perfect for the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer

Chuck Berry: You never can tell.

By Steven Casey ( With the sad passing of singer-songwriter Chuck Berry recently, I thought I would use this time to pay tribute to the musician. To be honest, when the news broke that Berry had passed away, my first thought was, why does that name sound so familiar? It took a few days but … Continue reading Chuck Berry: You never can tell.

John Williams: Greatest composer ever?

By Kealan McCormack John Williams is mostly acknowledged  as the man behind the famous tune that blares out as the title and a small summary slowly pan up the screen in the opening credits of Star Wars. Yet many people are not aware of just how many popular movie soundtracks he has had a … Continue reading John Williams: Greatest composer ever?

Making his Mark in Music.

By Steven Casey (@leglesstweets) Does anyone remember the Blade trilogy from back in the mid-90's? Wesley Snipes played the Titular fanged hero, alongside Country & Western singer Kris Kristofferson. The opening scene from the first movie features a guy following a girl to an underground rave in what seems to be a meat packing factory. During the … Continue reading Making his Mark in Music.

Why music is important in film trailers

By Kealan McCormack Music is important in films. It evokes feelings and emotions from the audience watching and often helps us remember scenes due to a successful match of song with it. This is a fact many people know. What you might not know is that just as a song can capture a scenes … Continue reading Why music is important in film trailers

Super Sounds of the 80’s

By Steven Casey K-Billy's Super Sounds of the 70's is a fictional radio programme created for the 90's cult classic "Reservoir Dogs".  The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino who went on to direct, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown and the Kill Bill volumes. All of these films were accompanied by amazing soundtracks. So why  is this important? … Continue reading Super Sounds of the 80’s