Making his Mark in Music.

By Steven Casey (@leglesstweets)

Does anyone remember the Blade trilogy from back in the mid-90’s? Wesley Snipes played the Titular fanged hero, alongside Country & Western singer Kris Kristofferson. The opening scene from the first movie features a guy following a girl to an underground rave in what seems to be a meat packing factory. During the rave, the guy notices a red liquid falling from the ceiling.

Suddenly the music gets louder and that red liquid that is being released from the anti-fire sprinkler system, is revealed to be blood. Enter Blade brandishing his Samurai sword and token sunglasses (at night!). From there a surreal, supernatural sword and mixed martial arts dance of death takes place between Blade and the Vampires.

The fight scene is set to the tune of  ‘Confusion’ by New World Order,  ‘Confusion’  in this scene really sets the tone for fight scenes throughout the movie; fast paced and breath-taking. But,  a google search reveals that Mark Isham composed the soundtrack to the film.

Research done shows Isham, has a variety of other well known strings to his film bow. These musical contributions include; Point Break, Nell, Men of Honour and, perhaps most fitting for this blog, Once.

‘Once’ stars Marketa Irglová and Glen Hansard. Hansard grew up in music and rose to prominence starring as Outspan Foster in Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments in 1991. To date, several of the rising stars of that film, Hansard, Bronagh Gallagher, Maria Doyle Kennedy and one Andrew ‘Decco’ Strong have gone on to have glittering singing careers.

Hansard is the front man for the Frames – who among us doesn’t love a bit of ‘revelation’ from time to time. In ‘Once’, Hansard plays a Dublin busker – not too hard to imagine I think you would agree- who meets an immigrant selling flowers and the music from the film frames their blossoming love stroy.

The movie sparked a  musical release and can be seen in Dublin at the Olympia throughout July and August 2017 by visiting or


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