Why music is important in film trailers

By Kealan McCormack

Music is important in films. It evokes feelings and emotions from the audience watching and often helps us remember scenes due to a successful match of song with it. This is a fact many people know. What you might not know is that just as a song can capture a scenes intensity or creates an atmosphere within the film, so to can it be done in a trailer/advert. It could be argued that music choices for trailers are done to target certain audiences. Using one of the official trailers for “Logan”, we see that the Johnny Cash cover of “Hurt” is used. The scenes and images within the trailer show us a desolate landscape, a very bleak future for Hugh Jackman and Sir. Patrick Stewart’s characters. Snippets of dialogue are heard; “Charles, the worlds not the same as it was.” and “Mutants, their gone now”. These phrases, the dark imagery displays a serious time is to be had in the film. The choice of song puts further emphasis on this point: the song depicts a character dealing with self-harm and trying to find a reason to move on despite the pain and depression they feel.This song not only relates to the movies premise, but can be linked to Logan himself and what sort of shape the titular protagonist is in before we watch the film.





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